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AN/TPS-78 and TPS-703 Solid-State Tactical Mobile Radar Systems Proven Design for Performance, Survivability and Reliability Northrop Grumman h Leading Supplier of High Performance Radars for Over 60 years Having produced more than 300 high performance solid-state radar systems, and with more than 900 ground-based radars currently in use worldwide, Northrop Grumman is the undis- puted world leader in solid-state radar technology. Northrop Grumman has long had the reputation of providing extremely reliable, survivable and modular solid-state radar systems. The AN /TPS-78 and the TPS-703 are the latest generation of state-of-the-art radars made possible by the techno- logical advances in high power transis- tor design. Fielded and operationally proven by the United States Air Force and customers worldwide, the S-Band long-range AN /TPS-78 and the mid- range TPS-703 are in 24-hour-a-day operation around the world. Superior Architecture and TechnologyFull coverage detection and tracking Unlike many systems that still use sin- gle pencil beam architecture, the AN / TPS-78 and the TPS-703 employ a stacked beam that provides full-time, full-volume coverage of all targets. Both radars detect high-altitude targets while simultaneously detecting low- altitude targets in heavy ground and sea clutter. These systems can perform ERWK$LU7UDIF&RQWURO$7&DQGDLU defense missions, since they track both commercial targets and high-speed ma- neuverable military aircraft. For the TPS-703, a maritime tracker that is in- dependent of the air target tracker can also be provided, and is optimized to follow slow-moving maritime targets in heavy sea clutter. The AN /TPS-78 and the TPS-703 can- cel clutter from heavy ground returns, and rain /chaff through the use of Mov- LQJ7DUJHW,QGLFDWRU07,DQG0RY- LQJ7DUJHW'HWHFWLRQ07'SURFHVV- ing. The tight matching of the radarfs integral tracker to the processing archi- tecture provides optimum performance in target tracking, as well as elimina- tion of any remaining clutter residue.7KH36LVHOGHGDQGRSHUDWLRQDOOSURYHQEWKH8QLWHG6WDWHV$LU)RUFHDQG 7KH36DQG736IXOOWLPHVWDFNHGEHDPVDUHVLPXOWDQHRXVOSURFHVVHGSURYLGLQJVXSHULRUGHWHFWLRQDQGVXSSUHVVLRQ RIFKDIIUDLQDQGJURXQGFOXWWHU6LQJOHSHQFLOEHDPVVWHPVGRQRWKDYHWKLVDGYDQWDJH User-friendly operator controls The AN /TPS-78 and TPS-703 pro- vide two operator control stations with OLTXLGFUVWDODWSDQHOGLVSODV7KH radars can also be operated by remote control, permitting unattended opera- tion. The operator control stations pro- vide the control menus, the airspace surveillance picture, Built-in Test /Fault ,VRODWLRQ7HVW%,7),7LQIRUPDWLRQ and electronic manuals. An onboard GPS automatically selects the local area map from the built-in worldwide map coverage. Extended operability Solid-state transmitters combine the outputs of many ultra-high reliability solid-state modules. These modules are inserted into identical, interchangeable power panels. Full radar coverage does not require all of the solid-state mod- XOHVWREHRSHUDWLQJDWRQFH6XIFLHQW margin is provided in the transmitter such that advertised performance can easily be maintained, even with the nor- mal rate of failing transistors, until the next scheduled maintenance interval. This egFail Soft design eliminates the need for immediate repair of transmit- ter hardware. Additionally, the AN /TPS-78 and the TPS-703 do not require transmit /re- FHLYH75PRGXOHVRQWKHURWDWLQJDQ- tenna. Thus there is no risk of holes in the radar coverage pattern due to failed 75PRGXOHV%HFDXVHWKHUHDUHQRDF- tive radiating antennas, the systems are not as vulnerable to infrared-guided weapons, and there is no need to stop RSHUDWLRQVWRUHSODFHIDLOHG75PRG- ules, giving both systems extended op- erability. Technological and design enhancements Solid-state transmitters for both the AN / TPS-78 and TPS-703 include the latest in Northrop Grummanfs technological enhancements, including use of high- HIFLHQFVLOLFRQJHUPDQLXPSRZHU transistors, which provide higher trans-
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