Title: Shoppertron Troubleshooting Repair Guide
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4310104Copyright\251 7-01431010412955 Enterprise WayBridgeton, Missouri 63044-1200[314] 298-3500www.CraneMS.comShoppertronA4310104i Section I.General Information. 1Differences Between Model 430 and 431. 1Preventing Circuit Damage From Electrostatic Discharge. 2Section II.Theory of Operation. 31.Overall Merchandiser. 3A.Vend Door Operation. 3B.Double Pole Cold Door Switch. 3C.Loading Switch Operation. 4D.Refrigeration Triac. 4E.Refrigeration Control. 4F.Normal Drum Motor Operation. 4G.The Home Switch. 5H.The Service Keypad. 5I.The Power Circuit. 5J.The Coin Power Board. 7K.The Main Controller. 7Section III.Test Equipment. 102.Using A Multimeter. 10A.General Information. 10B.Making Measurements. 11Section IV.Identifying Failures. 13Table 1. Possible Failures [Symptoms].13Table 2. Possible Failures [Diagnostic Messages].30Section V.Removal and Replacement Procedures. 411.General Information. 41A.Duct and Blower Assembly.42B.Interface PCB and Dumb Mech Power Supply PCB.43C.Drive Motor Assembly.45D.Power Panel Assembly.46E.Stop Pin Solenoid Assembly.47F.Refrigeration Unit.49G.Refrigeration Compressor Components.50H.Fluorescent Light Assembly.51I.Vend Door.52J.Drive Gear.54K.Drive Shaft Bushing.54L.Proximity Sensor [Home Switch].55M.Motion Sensor System.56N.Controller PCB.57O.Temperature Sensor.58P.Triac/Drum Motor Capacitor.59Q.Service Keypad.60Table of Contentsii4310104R.Direction Switch.61S.Credit Display Assembly.62T.Turret Assembly.63U.Load Switch Assembly.65V.Lock Bar Solenoid Assembly.66W.Vend Door Switch.67X.Monetary Door Switch.68Y.Price Displays.69Z.EPROM.70Appendix A.Wiring Diagram. A-1Alphabetical Index of Removal and Replacement ProceduresController PCB. 57Credit Display Assembly. 62Direction Switch. 61Drive Gear. 54Drive Motor Assembly. 45Drive Shaft Bushing. 54Duct and Blower Assembly. 42EPROM. 70Fluorescent Light Assembly. 51Interface PCB and Dumb Mech Power Supply PCB. 43Load Switch Assembly. 65Lock Bar Solenoid Assembly. 66Monetary Door Switch. 68Motion Sensor System. 56Power Panel Assembly. 46Price Displays. 69Proximity Sensor [Home Switch]. 55Refrigeration Compressor Components. 50Refrigeration Unit. 49Service Keypad. 60Stop Pin Solenoid Assembly. 47Temperature Sensor. 58Triac/Drum Motor Capacitor. 59Turret Assembly. 63Vend Door Switch. 67Vend Door. 52Model 431 Shoppertron Troubleshooting and Repair Guide43101041Section I. General InformationDifferences Between Model 430 and 431If you are accustomed to working on a Model 430 Shoppertron, you need to be aware of some dif-ferences in the newer Model 431.Electrical:1.No separate power supply.2.30 V regulator for displays is on the interface PCB.3.Main controller PCB power supply - J37 pins 1 & 2 are the 24 VAC input from the trans-former. This 24 VAC is then rectified to 24 VDC which is then regulated to 5 VDC logic voltage.4.Stop pin solenoid switch does not directly power the drum motor. Instead it switches 24 VDC to an opto-triac.5.No motor direction PCB is present. That function is carried out on the interface PCB.6.No separate refrigeration triac PCB. An off-board triac is controlled by the interface PCB.7.No motion sensor PCB. An optical sensor mounted on the motor assembly sends a signal back to the interface PCB.8.The coin mechanism power supply uses a 1 amp fuse. The 431 can either use a 110 VDC or 24 VDC coin mechanism with the same harness [15 pin Jones plug]. A coin power supply is required with the 110 volt coin mechanism.9.Separate connections on the controller PCB for serial, MDB, or pulse validators.10.The loading switch is now located by the temperature sensor. It is also wired to the controller PCB. This renders it a less useful troubleshooting tool than on the 430.Mechanical:1.The refrigeration unit comes out as one complete unit.2.The programming keypad is located on the display PCB cover.3.The power panel is on the bottom right of the cabinet.Model 431 Shoppertron Troubleshooting and Repair Guide24310104Preventing Circuit Damage From E
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