Title: beacon tester
Author: unknown
Pages: 18
Created: 10-26-2004
Website: www.dallasavionics.com
Artex Aircraft Supplies, INC. , 14405 KEIL ROAD NE, AURORA, OR 97002 Phone: 503-678-7929, Fax: 503-678-7930 www.artex.net ELT TEST SET [ETS] OPERATION MANUAL 570-1000 Proprietary Information This document discloses subject matter in which Artex Aircraft Supplies, INC. has proprietary rights. Neither receipt nor possession thereof confers or transfers any right to reproduce or disclose the document, any part thereof, any information therein, or any physical article or device, or practice any method or process except by written permission from or written agreement with Artex Aircraft Supplies, INC ARTEX AIRCRAFT SUPPLIES, INC. 570-1000 Page i Revision History: REVISION CHANGE DATE - RELEASE 10-20-04 Copyright Notice ACEECA\231, Meazura\231, Meazura Compatible\231, MEZ1000\231 and MZIO\231 are all trademarks of ACEECA Ltd. Avionic Tools is a trademark of Avionic Tools LLC, 88 South Edgewood Rd., Bedminster, NJ 07921. Palm, Palm OS, HotSync, Palm Powered logo, and PalmPrint are registered trademarks of PalmSource, Inc. or its affiliates and Palm Powered is a trademark of Palm Trademark Holding Company, LLC. Other brands may be trademarks of their respective owners.ARTEX AIRCRAFT SUPPLIES, INC. 570-1000 Page ii TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction.1 Application.1 Features.2 Figure 1 - Artex ELT Test Set w/ Antenna.3 Using the Reader.4 Figure 2 \226 ELT Test Set Main Screen View.5 Figure 3 \226 Test Software Screen View.5 Figure 4 \226 \223Waiting for Data\224 Screen View.6 Figure 5 \226 Example of Standard Location Data View.6 Figure 6 \226 Example of 24-Bit Address Data View.7 Additional Controls.7 Figure 7 \226 View of Controls.7 Database.8 Figure 8 \226 Deleting Database Screen Views.8 Preferences.9 Figure 9 \226 Preferences Screen View.9 Printing.10 Desktop Software.10 ELT Test Set Unit.11 Meazura MEZ1000 Specifications:.12 ELT Test Set Module Specifications:.12 Calibration.12 System Component Part Numbers.13 Optional Equipment.13 Warranty Information.14 ARTEX AIRCRAFT SUPPLIES, INC. 570-1000 Page 1 of 14 Introduction The ELT Test Set beacon reader module, installed in an Aceeca Meazura MEZ1000 unit, is designed to decode and display the encoded message from a 406 MHz Cospas-Sarsat Emergency Locator Transmitter. The reader can be connected directly to the ELT or monitored \223over the air\224 using the supplied whip antenna. The reader will decode any 406 MHz aviation protocol for ELT\222s. All instructions contained herein refer to Artex ELT\222s only. Note: The Artex ELT Test Set does not decode PLB\222s or EPIRB\222s. Application The ELT Test Set is a replacement for the Artex Sarsat Beacon Test Set P/N 453-0131 which is no longer available. For all references to the 453-0131 Test Set [or Sarsat Beacon Test Set] in any existing and/or previous Artex documentation, the Artex ELT Test Set P/N 453-1000 may be used as a direct substitute. Follow the general directions for testing the 406 MHz signal as directed in the applicable Artex ELT Manual except follow the operational instructions for the ELT Test Set as outlined in this Manual. Screen views depicted for the previous test are significantly different from the 453-1000, refer to the views shown in this Manual and on the test set when using Artex documentation that refers to the 453-0131. The primary differences between the previous test set and the ELT Test Set are as follows: \267 Ease of use \267 Rapid signal acquisition and processing \267 Display of all ELT 406 MHz message information on one screen \267 Position data [when present] displayed in degree\222s, minutes, seconds \267 Use of in-line attenuation not required \267 Rechargeable long life battery ARTEX AIRCRAFT SUPPLIES, INC. 570-1000 Page 2 of 14 Features All 406 MHz aircraft protocols decoded Reception of 406.025 or 406.028 frequencies Waterproof to IP67 standards Ruggedized Internal database of received messages Optional printing of current or stor
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