Title: SF 95 Series manual
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Created: 12-22-2010
Website: www.dmsiusa.com
DMS International

SATELLITE FINDER MODEL SF-95, SF-95c, SF-95c+ and SF-95B OPERATION: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Unplug the receiver from the wall. Remove the coax from your LNBF. Connect the coax to the SF-95 meter to the connection that says "TO REC". Using a jumper coax connect to the side of the meter that says "TO LNB". Connect the other end of the jumper coax to the LNBF. Plug in and power up your receiver. Adjust the signal level knob on the front of the meter so the reading is below 5 on the scale. Do a rough adjustment for the azimuth and elevation of the dish to get a starting point. If you don't know the azimuth and elevation settings you can use SatFinder to find your values. SatFinder is free to use and can be found at http://firststrikemeters.com/satfind.html. 9. With your signal level at or below 5 on the meter, start to adjust the dish very slowly while watching the meter. If the meter level goes above 5, adjust the knob on the front of the meter to make the meter read at or below 5. Repeat as needed. 10. Once you have found the satellite and have peaked it to the highest possible level, go to the receiver and confirm that you are on the right satellite. 11. If you are using a linear LNBF: After confirming the satellite is correct, adjust your LNBF by turning it in the holder first to the right and then to the left watching the meter and stopping at the highest point in signal. 12. Power down the receiver by unplugging the power cord. 13. Remove the meter and re-connect the coax from the receiver to the LNBF. 14. You are now ready to power up your receiver. IMPORTANT NOTES:
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